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WI Gov. Signs Worker’s Comp “Exclusive Remedy” Bill

WI Gov. Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 781, important legislation that was introduced just 3 weeks ago in response to a Court of Appeals decision from January that upended the “exclusive remedy” of worker’s compensation for some workers. The decision, which Act 139 overturns going forward, allowed injured workers who had been placed by a staffing service […]

WI Gov. Walker Delivers State Of State Address

WI Gov. Scott Walker gave his eighth State of the State Address Wednesday. In addition to playing up the state’s successes, he urged lawmakers to overhaul welfare rules and approve both a child tax credit and a proposal to make health care affordable to all. The cost of the child care credits is expected to […]

WI Legislative Panel Hear Tort Reform Package

Thursday on a bill that would reform the state’s civil liability statutes to lower litigation costs for Wisconsin businesses. Among other provisions, AB 773 would improve Wisconsin’s litigation climate by establishing requirements for discovery to prevent litigants from abusing the discovery process or engaging in “fishing […] via WI Legislative Panel Hears Tort Reform Package — MWFPA […]