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What You Need to Know: Employers Can Require COVID-19 Vaccination, With Exceptions

With COVID-19 vaccinations expected to start in Chicago on Tuesday, employers eager to return to some semblance of business as usual are contemplating how best to urge workers to get inoculated — and whether to make it mandatory. Can they require the vaccine? The short answer is yes, with some exceptions, attorneys say. The trickier […]

HR’s Next Big Job: Convincing Employees to Get Covid Vaccines

From HR EXECUTIVE: Even though company and HR leaders have already navigated a number of pandemic-related trials over the past year—from keeping employees safe and healthy and moving operations remote to navigating productivity challenges—they’re gearing up for perhaps their most significant challenge yet: getting employees to buy into the vaccines.  READ MORE

Minnesota Refuses CDC Request for Names and Addresses of Vaccine recipients

From FOX 9: Asked whether the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce had advocated for the cards, a  spokeswoman, Anne Yoder, said “we’re still working to understand how the state and federal distribution plans will impact employers and employees. We will continue to engage with public health officials as the distribution process and plans move forward.”  READ MORE

A Pandemic Pivot of HR Strategy Is Likely Harder Than You Imagined

From TLNT: It seems as though many volumes have been written so far advising HR leaders on how best to adjust for a pandemic-driven new normal. Combined with internal knowledge, developing and implementing best practices should be easy. It’s not, though. Executing a dramatic pivot is hard. And it’s astonishing that anyone’s progressing at all […]

WI Senate Not Coming Back This Month

The incoming leader of Wisconsin Senate Republicans says the Senate will not take up any COVID-19 relief measures before January. Assembly Republicans have said they would vote on bills this month and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has urged swift action before federal money runs out. Incoming Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu told The Associated Press […]