WI Gov. Walker Delivers State Of State Address

WI Gov. Scott Walker gave his eighth State of the State Address Wednesday.

In addition to playing up the state’s successes, he urged lawmakers to overhaul welfare rules and approve both a child tax credit and a proposal to make health care affordable to all.

The cost of the child care credits is expected to be $122 million annually.   Walker looks to use a projected budget surplus expected to top $480 million to fund new credits. Under the proposal, WI families would receive $100 for every child, under 18 and living at home.

A few hours prior to his speech, Walker proposed a new $50 million annual investment in rural economic development projects.  The initiative would include low-interest loans for dairy businesses, more money for state marketing efforts, and a new college scholarship program for students to take agriculture classes at state colleges.

View Gov. Walker’s address here:  https://youtu.be/Lu8hJ-AzJ1Q

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