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MWFPA is a trade association founded in 1905 representing the food products industry in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.  MWFPA’s purpose is to advocate on public policy issues including food safety, work force, and environmental regulations; connect across the industry through updates and networking; and provide education though training, scholarships, and research.

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Webinar Series – #7

May 6, 2021 -10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Elements of a Great Leader

Understanding the elements of what makes a leader “Great” can assist by providing leadership strategies that have a positive impact on the people affected by their leadership. Leaders matter. How we lead matters.
Leadership is a broad term that encompasses building a bond based on trust and credibility. Elements of leadership include…. self-awareness, understanding, influencing, and a planning process and vision that is clearly communicated.
intRAtrain has a been a proud MWFPA member for many years. They have trained over 100 MWPFA member employees with their program, Achieve Results Through Leadership.
During this session, presenters Jerry Van Oort and Jonathan Shaver will cover:
  • Difference between your role as a Leader and Manager
  • Six Elements of Leadership
  • Six Actions of Great Leaders
  • Situational Approach to Leadership
Attendees will leave the course with strategies they can integrate into their job roles and responsibilities.


Presenter: intRAtrain by Russell Associates


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