Illinois Top Consumer and Producer of Energy in Midwest

The U.S. Energy Information Administration released data this week showing that Illinois is both a top consumer and producer of energy in the Midwest. Our state led the region with 4.0 quadrillion Btu’s consumed while generating 2.6 quadrillion Btu’s. Total energy production and consumption in Illinois accounted for 17 percent of the total in the Midwest. Accounting for 30 percent of the total, the industrial sector consumed more energy than any other sector ahead of transportation, residential, and commercial. Coal and nuclear energy continue to be the largest sources of energy production, each nearly triple renewable energy. Illinois is the third-largest producer of ethanol and fourth-largest in biofuel. Petroleum and natural gas are the largest consumed fuels with each representing more than a quarter of total energy usage. This data paints a great picture of why the IMA and our members are deeply engaged in the ongoing energy debate in Springfield and the importance of protecting an open and competitive energy marketplace with an “all of the above approach.”

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