Trump Bars New Immigration Green Cards, Not Temporary Visas

Pledging to “protect American workers” as the effects of the new coronavirus put millions of people out of work and leave business struggling to make ends meet, President Trump announced he would temporarily ban immigrants from seeking green cards, the documents granting them the right of permanent residency in the country.

Trump said the order would have exemptions, but he did not provide details about whom the exemptions would apply to. While the order would stop the government from issuing green cards, Trump did not clarify if it would also target people who have already secured jobs and residence permits in the US but have not yet arrived in the country.

The new ban would not affect temporary workers, such as farm laborers, or tourists, business travelers, and skilled workers on non-permanent visas. However, Trump said “additional immigration-related measures” could be taken later.

Trump is expected to sign the ban into force on Wednesday, and the measure is expected to stay in effect for at least 60 days. It could, however, be extended by another 60 or a “lot longer” than that, Trump said.

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