Illinois, Wisconsin Allow Increased Truck Weights for COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Governor JB Pritzker and Secretary of Transportation Omer Osman ordered the Illinois Department of Transportation to increase truck weights on Illinois roads to 88,000 pounds (currently 80,000 pounds) for a 5-axle vehicle or 10 percent above the legal load on for vehicles with fewer axles.

Additionally, the Governor waived all overweight fees for the transportation of emergency relief and supplies. The increased weight limits and fee waivers expire on April 12, 2020.

The business and industry community have been working with the Governor and his Administration on these changes that will increase the flow of goods and ensure that the supply chain can meet the emergency demands.

Earlier Wisconsin Gov. Evers had directed the state’s Department of Transportation to issue permits for transporting supplies to grocery retailers impacted by the current public health situation.

Fees will be waived for the permit, which will allow an additional 8,000 pounds for a legal maximum of 88,000 pounds for both interstate and intrastate carriers.
These permits are currently available until March 28, 2020.


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