Minnesota Legislature Moving To “On-Call” Status

The MN Legislature will not be recessing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but will be moving to an “on-call” status. Most, if not all, committee hearings will be canceled/postponed until at least April 14th. The Legislature will work by “alternate means” by using email, phone communication, and social media. During this “on-call” work period, members and staff will be working in their offices and at home, but for the most part will not be meeting with the public without an appointment.

April 14 is the latest they would come back into session, and it is likely they will reconvene prior to then to process urgent legislation. The planned Legislative Spring Break (April 6-13) was also extended two weeks, but how this will work is unclear. Leaders indicated there was “still plenty of time” to address legislative matters before the May 18 Constitutional adjournment date, and Special Session(s) could be called after that if needed.

 The House and Senate will meet in floor sessions later today to try and pass an emergency COVID-19 hospital funding bill thought to be in the amount of $100 million.

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