MN Panels To Hear PFAS Measures

The MN House Committee on Commerce has scheduled a hearing tomorrow on a PFAS packaging measure.

HF 3180 would ban the use of PFAS in food packaging beginning in January 2021. The bill is sponsored by Rep.Anne Claflin (DFL-South St. Paul).

Meanwhile, the MN House Environment and Natural Resources Committee has schedule a public hearing on a PFAS bill for Wednesday, February 19, 2020. That bill, HF 3182, is too sponsored by Rep. Claflin and would classify all PFAS as a hazardous substance.

MWFPA is concerned about the unintended consequences associated with a broad hazardous designation and the potential liability for land applying biosolids by producers and utilization of water by food manufacturers that may contain trace amounts of PFAS.

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