WI Budget Committee Passes Transportation Proposal, Doesn’t Raise Gas Tax

The WI legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance has approved a transportation proposal that would provide $393 million in new revenue through fee based increases in addition to $90 million in a one-time general fund transfer. The measure passed on a 11 to 5 vote with Republican Senator Duey Stroebel voting opposed along with committee Democrats against the Republican transportation motion.

The proposal doesn’t raise the gas tax but it does increase title fees by $95, increase the $75 registration fee most car owners pay to $85, imposes a new $75 fee on all hybrid vehicles and shifts revenue from the petroleum inspection fee the state imposes on every gallon of gas to road projects.

The transportation proposal along with the state budget is expected to head to the full legislature in the coming weeks for approval before being sent to Governor Evers’ desk.

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