No Special Session Yet In MN, Possibly On Friday

As of today, MN legislators do not have a special session scheduled, but have many more details in hand about the bills they must pass.

Legislative leaders had hoped to schedule their session for today, but Gov. Walz has not yet announced when he will call lawmakers back to pass the budget measures that were unfinished when the regular session ended.

Yesterday legislators were informed by DFL House Speaker Melissa Hortman that the earliest a special session could start would be Friday. In preparation for the special session, lawmakers held a series of informational hearings Wednesday on most of the unresolved budget bills.  Informational meetings are scheduled to continue Thursday.

Among the agreements was a tax plan lowering the 2nd income tax bracket to 6.8 percent beginning this year and freeze a statewide property tax levy for businesses.

Lawmakers ended the regular 2019 session at midnight Monday having failed to pass nine of the 10 omnibus finance bills that will form the state’s two-year 2020-21 budget. A special session is needed before June 30 to continue funding state operations.

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