IL Legislative Session Nears End

There are just 9 days remaining in the IL 2019 Spring legislative session.

Yesterday the Senate passed HB 834 41-14-0. This legislation prohibits employers from asking job applicants previous wage history and benefits in job interviews. Most troubling this legislation is designed to limit employers defenses. The IL Chamber opposes this bill. It heads back to the House for concurrence.

The Senate also passed HB 3481 on a 36-17 vote. This bill repeals the Kyoto Protocol and would allow the State to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, which that statute currently prohibits. The IL Chamber opposed the bill. It heads to the Governor’s desk.

There is an expectation that the $4.3 billion budget proposal will pass easily.  Democrats and political observers say the House has the 71 votes needed to get Gov. Pritzker’s hallmark revenue proposal, the graduated income tax, over the line by May 31. It’s already passed the Senate and the House vote is expected to do the same this week — possibly today.

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