IL House Committee Passes $15 Hour Minimum Wage Bill

The IL House Labor and Commerce Committee has passed a $15 hour minimum wage bill over opposition of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association and a broad coalition of business community partners.  The bill, SB 1, passed the committee by a vote of 19-10-0 and now moves to the full House of Representatives for a vote that will likely take place today.  If the bill, having previously passed in the Senate, passes the House, it will then be sent to Governor JB Pritzker who has been urging its passage and has stated that he will sign it.

With Governor JB Pritzker and super-majority Democratic majorities in both legislative chambers, it is certain that some minimum wage bill will be enacted into law this year.

The current legislation sets the following schedule for a minimum wage hike.  It is important to note that Chicago and Cook County have already passed a $13 minimum wage so the majority of the impact will be on businesses, colleges, park districts, and other employers outside of Cook County who will have only five years to attain that wage under the following schedule that includes wage increases of $2.75 in the first year of the law.

January 1, 2020         $ 9.25

July 1, 2020               $10.00

January 1, 2021         $11.00

January 1, 2022         $12.00

January 1, 2023         $13.00

January 1, 2024         $14.00

January 1, 2025         $15.00

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