U.S. Mexico Reach Separate Trade Agreement

The United States and Mexico have reached an agreement to change parts of the NAFTA trade deal.

The agreement between the two countries has restarted negotiations on NAFTA with all three parties — the United States, Mexico and Canada. Mexico and Canada have stood firm on the importance of maintaining the trilateral format of the NAFTA free trade deal, even as President Trump has signaled a desire for individual deals with each country. The Administration plans to notify Congress today that it intends to sign an updated NAFTA agreement later this year — with or without Canada.

Canada said gaps with the U.S. remain on NAFTA as the Administration pushes to open the Canadian dairy industry ahead of a U.S.-imposed deadline of today for a tentative deal. With the deadline looming, Canada and the United States headed into talks for a fourth day, trying to hammer out a deal.

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