WI Senator Conveys Trade War Woes to President Trump

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WI, recently met with a number of business representatives to discern how the trade war and tariffs are negatively affecting their efforts to maintain markets and prevent layoffs.  Sen. Johnson concluded that in “farming and food processing, the retaliatory actions to U.S. tariffs will have a profoundly negative effect. “

The senator transmitted his findings to President Trump recently.  Read the letter here.

In his letter to the President, Johnson reported price increases ranging between 30-40 percent on the steel and aluminum used by manufacturers.  “Because their global competitors are not experiencing these cost increases, they are losing both export and domestic orders and market share.  Some have either cancelled or put on hold planned capital expenditures.  Others are considering moving operations abroad. “

MWFPA and the canned food industry continue to strongly oppose the tariffs.

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