WI Senate Panel Set To Hear Worker’s Compensation Reform Package

The WI Senate Labor and Regulatory Reform Committee has scheduled a public hearing on Senate Bill 665, the agreed-bill from the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council that contains a medical fee schedule for worker’s compensation injuries . The hearing is set for February 14 at 10:00 a.m. in room 411 South of the state capitol.

MWFPA supports the measure.  MWFPA is also a participant in the Worker’s Compensation Employers Coalition which includes 56 employer associations ranging from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities to the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association.   The coalition is actively working toward passage of the bill.

The Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council, a board comprised of five labor and five management representatives, unanimously supported a reform package last fall.

Worker’s compensation is a government mandated program that guarantees injured workers get the treatment they need for workplace injuries. In forty-four states, medical prices for worker’s compensation treatment are governed by medical fee schedules.

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